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Language of TV Advertising

11 Ekim 2012 , Perşembe 14:43
Language of TV Advertising


As in all countries, people come to speak with the accent of others around them.  Naturally, similarities in pronunciations improve the understanding of verbal communication.  After all, listeners would have more difficulty in understanding speakers using unfamiliar accents.

Advertising, therefore, must consider such aspects in capturing consumer admiration and should not be just about promoting the features of the actual product, but more about promoting the brand and creating a brand identity throughout the very country for which it is created. This is where language steps in…

Marketing experts must take into account that language is not just a tool we use to communicate with others but further a revealing element of who we are.  Our accents expose characteristic differences in our articulation of the language we use within the boundaries of the land where we reside.  They expose the region of the country we are from, revealing our background and social status as well.  So accents in ads influence consumers on the product brand and the way it is perceived…  Some are seen as friendly and down to earth, while others are viewed as prestigious and authoritative.   Choosing the right one for television therefore, is relevant to the way consumers will perceive the message put forth due to such attitudes.

Regional accents are friendly, humorous, and more trustworthy for the audience which allow the endorser or the spokesperson to create a more welcoming image for the product advertised.   Research shows that local accents are usually viewed favorably by speakers from the same area due to in-group preferences.   This means that if a company wants to promote their products in just a certain region, using the dialect of that region will enable the consumer to identify with the brand more easily.

Remote accents, even foreign ones, seem to have more of an appeal when product identity is the main focus.  Since most accents as well as languages, and even the manner in which individuals speak foreign languages peculiar to their nationalities are stereotyped, the targeted audience will instantly create an already familiar image with the accent and identify the product at helm with all “nitty-gritties” that go with the accent – an ideal tool to capture the audience’s attention without a lot of labor.

TV ads, in spite of interrupting a favorite show or a movie at the most exciting moment and seeming to continue forever,  actually only lasts for about 30 or more seconds.  The advertiser, therefore, must use tools with which consumers identify straightaway. And   accents are one of these leading tools and are, by no means arbitrary……

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