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A revised press release… please

5 Kasım 2012 , Pazartesi 09:06
A revised press release… please


Why do many companies have the tendency to include a lengthy prospectus of themselves in most of their press releases, exhausting the media and the rest of their audience that have to go through the endless jargon, and in as many paragraphs?

Yes, there are even some that sound more like sales pitches for the company rather than a statement for the product, the service or the event that should be on display.

It is quite a simple task to write a press release however, without going into lengthy and incoherent terminology for the sake of impressing the recipients.  The final script should be precise and comprehensive especially if the objective is to capture media professionals’ attention.

A press release should begin with one or two sentence introduction which offers a quick summary of the service, the product or the event.  The paragraphs should be short; again one or two sentences the most.  The language should be direct and not technical, in addition to being enticing and inviting.  Multiple messages that present a long introduction of one’s agency are usually written for higher executive level of companies and they tend to be repetitive and tedious. The content must be focused and succinct in meeting the target audience’s interest. 

Background information on the product, service or the event should come next, explaining its purpose and listing rewards thereof. This should appeal and fascinate the audience and obviously, be persuasive enough to point directly back to the agency issuing the release for future business opportunities.

The final paragraph should offer a brief description of the agency and the products and services it provides.  This should also include a brief history and conclude with the agency’s media contact information as phone no, an e-mail address, etc.

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