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Digital Marketing

20 Kasım 2014 , Perşembe 09:16
Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become a leader in the advertising world thanks to its extensive reach and persistent drive.  Also referred to as interactive and non- internet and internet/ social marketing although each technique uses different products and strategies for campaigns, digital marketing basically builds awareness of services and of products without forcing consumers to any degree of a commitment except displaying the ‘patience for repeated messages.’  
The technique is regarded as an advantage for many advertisers today since it is also helpful in generating useful market information with consumers providing additional information on themselves as they log onto sites.  Of course one of the leading benefits of the digital marketing technique is the fact that it is interactive and has a stronger impact on consumers who, at times, already seem to know more than the companies that are trying to sell to them.  And finally, since this type of marketing encompasses both internet/ social techniques, it is more cost-effective, with companies themselves setting their budget on where they choose to advertise and not the site where their advertisement appears. 
As mentioned above, these techniques fall under digital marketing which simply defines the medium of the campaign via various tools as PC’s, cell phones, text messages, podcasting, mobile marketing as well as e-mails. Pay per click where a business pays the web-site owner each time their ads are clicked is also defined as digital.  Likewise, the use of SEO (search engine optimization) to improve performance and increase the visibility of a web-site in consumers’ search, in addition to indoor and outdoor banner advertising are listed under this technique.
Interactive marketing uses a tactic that encourages interaction between a business and its customers.  It is becoming more and more popular in our day as consumers expect better service technology. The marketing process follows consumers rather than leading them, providing information to guide their advertising efforts.  Consumers even get to vote on sites, giving advertisers a heads up on their product through this technique.  
Online marketing requires an internet connection for consumers to reach out to others, conduct their research, in addition to selling their products or services over the internet. This web marketing and website promotion technique is a ‘social’ technique as it has opened many doors changing ways that users socialize, communicate and even shop as it has become the simplest and the easiest tool.  (i.e. – Facebook; Twitter, etc.)  
In general, internet marketing has become a trend over the years since it keeps businesses in close contact with their customers.  Whether through paid advertising, native promotional methods, mobile, TV or e-mail marketing campaigns, it is gaining more ground both on and offline.  

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