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A crime to file a complaint?

7 Şubat 2013 , Perşembe 11:31
A crime to file a complaint?


No one seems to want to complain about poor service, rude attitudes, or harsh and offensive management we’re confronted during our daily routines.  Our attitudes to such insolence is usually one of shrugging it off as if we don’t care as not to stoop to the same level, or basically getting angry and choosing to retort to counter the insulting manner of those who actually have jobs thanks to clientele like us.  Filing a complaint to higher level management is obviously too bothersome for many of us.

I, throughout the years of living with various countries, have always chosen to find the higher-ups in order to resolve issues as unsatisfying customer service. I am the best customer many business places could ask for – I will be disloyal when I experience a problem along with letting you know how to fix it, yet am the most loyal customer when satisfied, praising the excellence in the service I’ve received.  Who doesn’t like being admired?

Of course the attitude in many countries is not to take the time to find the higher ranking individual or to file an objection for all that matter, believing that nothing will change.  Although the initial complaint may be face-to-face with a local exec in the place of business, being a member of the

wonderful age of the Internet, I can not only reach the management of a company, but thousands of other potential customers with my grievances.

Of course an instant response from the side of the management will persuade me to complain or send praises in the future.  I like knowing that I am not ignored and that someone is listening to me – which, with businesses’ encouragement, will persuade me to go back, making a loyal customer in place of a complainer. Otherwise they will be the losers in the long run - revenue loss and maybe even the loss of their business.  I may be demanding, yet lending an ear to my complaints will provide opportunities for system improvement in assisting in the growth of businesses.

Many reputable business firms actually want this feedback in order to stay ahead of their competitors.  They are aware that unhappy customers spread the word faster, so getting hold of problems before they escalate into bad reviews is always to their advantage.  And how do we expect services to improve if we don’t complain otherwise? We have no excuse for not complaining if we want an improvement.


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