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Electronic media… the ‘hands-on’ winner

7 Aralık 2012 , Cuma 14:01
Electronic media… the ‘hands-on’ winner


Mass media, one of the most important tools in generating and distributing news, is also an instrument of engaging means to communicate for all.  I’ve noticed however, a growing concern in the last few years for newspapers facing an uncertain future mainly due to the rise in use of electronic media.  Falling sales of newspapers primarily caused by economic pressures based on loss of advertising, increasing costs of production and distribution, in addition to declining quality of contents and print paper also shoulder quite a bit of the blame in all of this.

My ongoing premise received a bit of backing from Burson Marsteller CEO Jeremy Galbraith who, at a recent conference in Istanbul entitled Global Trends Influencing Communications, touched just upon this very topic of electronic communications.  He highlighted that internet use would double globally within the next couple of years with mobile users leading the pack – unfortunately - also pointing to the declining quality of print media as one of the leading causes.

A bit of research of my own, mainly on the internet of course, revealed that changes in the newspaper industry as the instigator in the erosion of news standards and in narrowing the readership.  It is believed that the press is no longer able to reach all sectors of society due to greater concentration of ownership, leading to fewer choices and diversity for readers.  This coupled with the rise in the use of electronic media basically pushes print media out the door. 

Although many seem to use the internet for entertainment purposes, keeping up with the news is still the leading reason for most according to surveys.  International polls illustrate that the internet is the leading choice to acquire daily news and developments since it provides easier and faster access for all.  The internet is a tool used at work to keep up with world events as well as developments on the financial front since it has become a tool, ready and present at all places of business. 

These surveys also reveal that the medium in “catching up” in addition to “keeping up” with the news is again the internet rather than newspapers, television or the radio for a great number.

The internet is also the tool, interestingly, that is considered a more trustworthy source and as the primary medium once making the switch – in other words, becoming addictive in most cases.  Yes, it happens in 9 out of 10 cases – Just look around.

It is noteworthy that while the internet and other tools as television have become the leading sources of news throughout the world, my probing revealed that newspapers still lead in Turkey - yes, in spite of many unacceptable legal regulations stifling freedom of expression in various fronts.  It is claimed that diversity of opinion is still present in the country, whether broadly diverse or rather narrowly sectarian – print media’s popularity relies on it.

I realize that the sector faces quite a few difficulties without the electronic media rivalry, for already 61% of the population in the country prefers this outlet for their news according to recent surveys.  Being equally disappointed in print media as having become a source that is simply after making profits rather than serving public interest, I too find myself going for the easiest and the fastest information source.  Market pressures towards tabloid sensationalism in pursuit of readers in lieu of traditional journalistic standards in this front leaves many no other choice but to reach for those ‘electronic media’ keyboards.

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