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Image Branding

9 Temmuz 2012 , Pazartesi 10:21
Image Branding

‘Every advertisement is part of the long-term investment in the personality of the brand’, the famous advertising magnate David Ogilvy, also dubbed the ‘apostle of the brand image’, was quoted as saying… In upholding this assertion, we have all witnessed that brands have taken greater importance over the years as products themselves became increasingly similar and branding became central in advertising discussions.

A recent event in my local surroundings lead me to test the above motto in trying to understanding the lack of advertisement for a product which I consider surprising.  I was in a supermarket recently looking for a jar of peanut butter, one of my favorite snack/ health foods and picked up one of the two available from the brands I found on the shelves.  I can excuse the fact that I haven’t been exposed to many memorable advertisements on TV, billboards, or other media outlets for peanut butter, knowing that other nuts are more popular among the natives.  Yet, hoping that this source of nutrition will become more popular in a nation where the up-and-coming generations consistently seek out fast, convenience foods, I insist it to be the perfect timing to ‘brand’ an image for this product, whichever company chooses to stand up to the challenge, simply just for the sake of the challenge if for nothing else.

The initial step in branding an image should of course be from the outside in rather than inside out.  This means the creation of a catchy name, logo, slogan, design or a combination of them for the product or service, not only for consumers, but also as a challenge for possible future competitors.  This becomes a job for media driven ad agencies, branding firms and sales creators rather than simple graphic designing firms.

Branding has to be creative to have a long-term impact on consumers, relying on the initial visual impression, the logo, the jingle or the tune which will come to mind when the product name is mentioned.  This can be through the packaging, a catchy phrase, or TV or print media advertisement for the brand name.  

Brand image is crucial – packaging, available information, brochures, and more importantly, interactive web-site presentation directed at specific target audiences.  Branding should be consistent and positive with a single message that can be understood by all purchasers.  Company and product brochures create a lasting impression, negative or positive, so the message included in them should have powerful graphics that not only capture the consumer’s attention but also explain the message.

The creation of a successful brand image is the foundation of all successful companies. The image cannot rely on just a logo or a slogan, it has to be able to send out a message to be picked up by the targeted consumer who will not only use the product but will further be motivated to spread its message to others.  This will then increase profitability and lower the cost of getting new customers.  

All companies should also have a web site to identify themselves to consumers.  This site should be a location for the consumers to go for more information about the company or the product.  This site doesn’t have to be a medium for advertisement for many consumers will simply turn that off.  Different strategies are required to build an image on the web since it is interactive, unlike other instruments, placing the message user and not the sender in charge.  Making the brand itself interactive and allowing the consumer to access further information is the key to building a strong image for the brand on this front.  

Finally, it’s important to remember that quality ads which create a positive image for the company are imperative.  Press releases are a great way to reach consumers at no charge while sponsorships always receive a pat on the back and leave a visual imprint of your product all around.  After all, companies only have one chance to make a great first impression so they must make sure that is the right one. 

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