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Intranet 2.0

18 Haziran 2011 , Cumartesi 12:00
Intranet 2.0

Intranet Project Methodology:

The Intranet Project Methodology © 2001 - 2010 is the all encompassing intranet project methodology for guiding the process of building or redesigning an intranet or enterprise portal. This methodology was initially developed by Toby Ward in 2001, and has been refined two times since the initial iteration (based on market changes in organizational culture, technology, and common project methodologies).

Using our unique intranet methodology, Prescient intranet consultants construct a complete intranet plan that encompasses all the details and functions of an intranet, including information architecture, governance, design and technology.

Prescient encourages all organizations, whether a client or not, to adopt the methodology for their own and to use in steering the development of their intranet, portal, extranet or website.

Intranet 2.0 BluePrint:

Based on our early adopter knowledge of Intranet 2.0, a technology-neutral approach to defining business requirements and a proven methodology for aligning online collaboration needs with organizational goals, Prescient uses a customizable Intranet 2.0 Blueprint for our clients.

While the specific scope of the project will vary based on the client’s unique requirements and budget, common deliverables in Prescient’s Intranet 2.0 Blueprint include:

  • Business requirements analysis – we will interview, gather and analyze feedback from key leaders, communications stakeholders, and end-user employees to understand the current needs and opportunities for improvement as well as exactly how Intranet 2.0 tools can be used to improve your business.
  • Intranet 2.0 plan – Prescient will develop a detailed plan that documents the organization’s need, the intended benefits, the specific strategic directives, suggested technology, and the types of tools (blogs, wikis, RSS, etc.) and functionality required.
  • Blogs and wiki policies – we will define the roles and responsibilities of managers and end-users, the dos and don’ts, and recommendations and tips for both Intranet 2.0 users and managers.
  • Intranet 2.0 implementation – Prescient will work with your internal IT department to implement two to three social media tools (e.g. 1 blog and 2 wikis with several options, features and content focuses) depending on the requirements analysis and subsequent plan, & the RSS technology used to drive posted content to end users.



By: Toby Ward

From: Prescient Digital Media

Date: September 2010


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