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Irreversible: The Public Relations Big Data Revolution

22 Mart 2017 , Çarşamba 11:28
Irreversible: The Public Relations Big Data Revolution

IPR Measurement Commission presents their latest white paper “Irreversible: the Public Relations Big Data Revolution.”

Today the amount of data organizations collect is unprecedented, and it can be difficult to determine what should be done with the data, what aspects of the data are important, and how it should be managed.

The concept of Big Data—advanced technology that allows large volumes of data to drive more fully integrated decision-making—is transforming the world of business, and even more specifically, the public relations profession. Practitioners must evolve with this transformation through the incorporation of Big Data into traditional PR functions. The importance of Big Data is not the vast quantity of information made available, but instead, it is the value that can be created to improve performance, and better understand competitors, consumers, employees, media, and other publics. Organizations must learn and recognize that data alone do not answer “why” or explain inferred insights. Uncovering insights of Big Data require a human element and critical thinking to create meaning.

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