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Global survey on the economic impact of the profession

18 Haziran 2011 , Cumartesi 12:00
Global survey on the economic impact of the profession


The findings presented in this paper have been selected from an on-line survey published by the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management on its website in the period March 2006- November 2006, receiving a total of 767 responses from around the world. The Global Alliance strongly advises the reader that the data contained in this document is in no way representative of the global pr and communication community.

This survey is not based on a scientifically processed sample and has the sole purpose of engaging with readers of the GA website in order to gather information on the PR profession from around the world.∗


Are you member of your national PR body?

%86        Yes,

%14        No

Are you male or female?

%33        Male,

%67        Female

What is your age?

%0          Under 18,

 %4         18-24,

%58        25-44,

%34        45-60

%4          Over 60

What is the highest academic qualification(s) you have attained?

%66        University degree or above

%19        Professional Institute’s Certificate

%3          ‘A’ Level or equivalent

%2          GCSE or equivalent

%1          No academic qualification

%9          Other

Which of the following describe you / your organization?

%33        I work in-house for a company / corporate

%27        I work in-house in the public sector / for a NGO

%23        I work in a consultancy / agency

%8          I work freelance

%9          I work in-house for a not for profit organization

What is your position in the company you work?

%11        Chairman / chief executive / managing director / minister

%13        Director / associate director / director general

%39        Manager / principal

%10        Administrator / assistant

%1          Trainee

%26        Other

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